ShowToGo Rewards

Get a $5 credit for new rewards members or current app users that are migrating. Yeah, it’s a pretty generous gesture on our part, but heck you deserve it. On top of that, you’ll earn points so you can unlock free food items and valuable credits. So chow down and cash in!

How it works

Earn 1 point for every dollar spent – easy peasy. Score free items and valuable credits, starting at just 25 points. Watch those points stack up fast. And hey, we’re all about throwing in some surprises ’cause who doesn’t love a good surprise, right? Oh, heads up, newbies and those making the move, you get a $5 credit on the house. Cheers!

Scan To Earn

Ordering in restaurant and want to earn points? Well you’re in luck! Using the Showmars ShowToGo Rewards App, scan the QR code in your app at the register or scan the barcode on your receipt and earn your points. It’s fast, simple and fun. And while you have your phone out, snap a pic of your delicious meal and share it. Others will be jealous they’re not at Showmars.

Invite a Friend

Want to earn more points quicker? If you refer a friend through the Showmars ShowToGo Rewards App and they use your referral code, you get additional points when they make their first purchase. Heck, they don’t even have to be a friend! Invite neighbors, coworkers, pals & confidantes are all acceptable. We’re not picky.

Order Online

Experience the ultimate convenience with the Showmars ShowToGo Rewards App—order our delicious food in advance, skip the line, and choose your preferred method of receiving it, whether through in-store pickup, curbside pickup, or delivery. Bonus: your reward points are automatically added. It’s a piece of cake …or should we say baklava?!

Find your Showmars

Wherever you are in the Carolinas, find your nearest Showmars location. Hangry in Huntersville? Craving in Charlotte? Peckish in Providence? Just use the Showmars ShowToGo Rewards App, and our useful map will lead the way.