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Give a Showmars Gift Card to Show Love and Good Eats!

The perfect gift for any occasion. Showmars’ fresh, Southern and Greek favorites can be shared with everybody.

Getting someone a Showmars Gift Card is pretty much a win-win. It’s like giving your co-workers, friends or family a high-five and saying, “You deserve something delicious!” It’s super flexible, which is awesome for anyone who’s always on the go or just doesn’t like deciding what to cook. Plus, it’s a cool way to shout out to a spot you love and give someone a break from the kitchen hassle, all in one go.


You can also stop by your nearest Showmars today to pick up your physical gift card and make someone’s day a little brighter (and tastier)!



What are Showmars’ gift card terms & conditions?

View complete terms and conditions.

Do Showmars Gift Cards expire?

No, Showmars gift cards do not expire.

Are there any fees associated with Showmars Gift Cards?

A “Handling Fee” is charged on digital gift card purchases. Physical Gift Card shipping fees may apply.

Where can I purchase Showmars gift cards?

You can easily purchase physical gift cards at any Showmars location or send a Digital Gift Card or Physical Gift card through our website. Digital Gift Cards are also available on the Showmars App.

Does Showmars offer Digital Gift Cards?

Yes! You can purchase a digital gift card by using the Showmars Mobile App or on the Showmars website.

How much can I load onto a gift card?

Showmars gift cards sold in Showmars restaurants can be loaded for amounts between $5 and $100. Digital Gift Cards may be purchased on the website for up to $1,000.

How can I redeem a physical Showmars Gift Card?

Showmars gift cards (Physical and Digital) can be redeemed at participating Showmars restaurant locations. Simply present your physical card at the time of payment. You may also redeem your physical gift cards by ordering online from or on the Showmars App.

Can I use Showmars gift cards for online purchases?

Yes, gift cards are available online in the menu above or on the Showmars App.

What should I do if my gift card is lost or stolen?

We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen cards. However, if you have proof of purchase you can reach out to us at for assistance. With proof of purchase, we may be able to locate your original card number, cancel it and issue you a new gift card for that value.