About the HEARTest Yard + Showmars 5K:

It is with great privilege that the HEARTest Yard Program and Showmars Restaurants join forces to host the fifth annual - first-time socially distant - HEARTest Yard + Showmars 5K/Challenge! With a like-minded mission to support Levine Children’s Hospital, we’ve teamed up to maximize our impact and fundraising potential to meet the needs of and care for as many children affected by congenital heart diseases and disorders as possible. Please know the necessary decision to go virtual comes after careful thought and consideration paired with continued efforts to put the health and safety of participants and our community at the forefront. We are grateful to have you and appreciate your grace as we navigate the challenges of hosting a completely virtual event.

In addition to the 5K, we're hosting a 3-month challenge! From now until race day (Saturday, May 8), see how many miles you can collect by running, walking, cycling, swimming or rowing. The HEARTest Yard + Showmars Challenge was established as an opportunity for participants to prepare for the 5K, and for our team to stay better connected in the absence of a race day celebration. With virtual events peppered in between now and race day, you never know WHEN a new event may pop up or WHO may pop in!

When it comes to a child’s heart, getting the best care available is all that matters. With nationally recognized, board-certified pediatric cardiac specialists, the Congenital Heart Center at Levine Children’s Hospital is the preeminent pediatric cardiac center in the region. Levine Children’s Hospital was established in 2007 and offers more than 30 specialized treatments including transplants, cancer care and the highest level of neonatal intensive care in the region. Together, the HEARTest Yard, Showmars and Levine Children’s Hospital are investing in research and education, ensuring the best care for the children of the Carolinas.

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