Showmars World Famous Fish Sandwich


It starts in the icy waters of Alaska…

The Alaska Pollock that makes up our World Famous Fish Sandwich is one of the most abundant and sustainable seafood species in the world. Our Alaska Pollock is the purest, freshest and best-tasting fish you will eat. Why? Because our fishermen control every step of the process. They have their own fleet of state-of-the-art fishing vessels, where the fish are wild-caught and responsibly prepared.

Only the best

We select the best Alaska Pollock to fill your fish sandwich. A cousin to cod and similar in flavor, texture, and appearance, Alaska Pollock’s lean, snowy-white meat, delicate texture, and mild flavor make it an extremely versatile and healthy seafood choice.

Battered and fried to perfection.

Once we have our wild caught and sustainable Alaska Pollock, we batter and fry it to a crispy perfection. The hot, flaky fish filet is paired with a warm bun and homemade tartar sauce for one irresistible, world famous sandwich.

Enjoyed with a smile

Our World Famous Fish Sandwich is enjoyed by our neighbors all over Charlotte and across North and South Carolina. It’s a menu item that we’re proud to serve and we love to see when a customer enjoys it for the first time – it never fails to bring a big smile to their face.